Flashcards marked I know it

Do the cards marked I know it DISAPPEAR?
I surely will need to review those cards! Please give us access to them.
Thank you


They still exist, but they do not get cycled back. A ‘known’ flashcard can still be seen via the show’s word list. If you go to the show and select the word list you can see all the cards and even mark them as ‘I don’t know’ to get them back in the cycle.


For me it is the opposite: After I clocked “I know” on a flashcard, it still stays. Is there a way to remove a flashcard I no longer want?

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Cards that are already marked as known still remain in the flashcard database. An easy way to delete them from the main page is to select the flashcard icon, go to the show’s flashcard listing, on that page will be three tabs: Flashcards, Games, and Word List.

Go to Word List and select the three dots on the right to bring up the menu. If on the app you may have to press and hold for it to appear, otherwise it may trigger the flash card. The Delete option will appear then.

There seems to be no way to delete all of a shows flashcards or even an episode’s flashcards at once though. Or for a way to review only a single episodes flashcards for that matter.

I don’t want to delete them. I’m sure I will need to review them!
I wanted to see them again to see how many I STILL remember.
Thanks though I will look for the three-dot feature.

For ‘Known’ cards you can always just reselect them and it will retest the entire show’s card list. You have to select “Start Over” on the flash card page to do that. I know that’s not the same as Anki or other programs, but at least you can get them retested that way. Word Master is in the game list and will let you get three cards to cross-select for matching. That is another good way to review known cards. Hope that helps.

Thank you, Christopher. I like the game idea. Are you a subscriber or do you work for Lingopie? What’s your favorite French program /film? Right now, I’m binge-watching Alice Nevers as I’m down with a flu!

I am just a regular subscriber. I am learning Japanese and Spanish right now, I haven’t done French at all. Just noticed the post was about the flashcards which I had to figure out about myself. Learning languages is fun, and I like to read books and watch shows in their native languages. Might have to give French a try, but I only know one other person who speaks French and they are a complete beginner.

Well thanks, Christopher!

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Christopher, I don’t know if they are trying something new but there were no French subtitles at all yesterday! They had the English and then
the complete French transcript down the right side of the screen. It is completely unworkable to scan the transcript and the subtitles in different places. Not only that, there was no highlight mechanism to create flashcards. This will not fly. This is bait and switch. I paid for a year subscription based on the other
system. This way I feel like I am watching a Netflix movie. No. Not cool.