Food presentation in Italy

Hey guys! Hope every body is doing well! I was thinking about the Italian way of eat and I think everybody knows that in Italy, eating is something really respected and important and of course, they have a specific steps when you have a “formal” lunch or dinner. Is divided like that:

:waffle: :cheese:Antipasto: you can have a great variety of recipes for this first steps the most simple is Bruschetta, that is a piece of toasted Italian bread with Olio d’oliva (olive oil) and Aglio (garlic) that is rubbed in the toasted bread. This is the most simple Bruschetta and in most of the time, is complemented with other ingredients like pomodori freschi (fresh tomato), olive smozzate (smashed olive), prosciutto crudo (dried ham) etc… You have a lot of other recipes for Antipasto: Cozze alla marinara, Focaccia alla genovese, Arancini

:spaghetti: :stew:Primo piatto: at this moment, you have opened the show whit some great Antipasti and you’ll have what is called the firs plate. Is usually a Pasta or Risotto recipe, and so you have a big variety for this step. I like the most classic one Carbonara, Spaghetti alle vongole, Risotto ai funghi, Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci, Risotto ai frutti di mare. When is really cold, you can also have a soup.

:meat_on_bone: :squid:Secondo piatto: now we are in the great moment of your dinner, and the most of recipes are a kind of protein like Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Scaloppini ai funghi, Polpettone and also the sea foods: Orata al cartoccio, Salmone croccante, Calamari ripieni

:cake: :custard:Dolci: do you think someone have “space” for this sweet moment after the three firsts steps? (I think yes, because everybody have a specific space for dessert). As you can imagine, in Italy they have some classics desserts. Of course you can have a great Gelato (that is just the translation fo Ice cream, not a specific recipe, but I think is really good in Italy), but the most classic for me is Tiramisú and Profiteroles al cioccolato, for sure you’ll find them in every restaurant. But, if you want something really different, you can go with some Sicilian desserts, Cannoli siciliani and Cassata; the base of these recipes are made from almonds.

Can you remember any specific Italian recipe that you have tasted?


Omg! I’m craving to have a full Italian meal again.
The antipasti part is my favorite. I miss it :sweat_smile:

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For sure! Is so hard to find good restaurants that makes the presentation like they do, don’t you think so?

There is nothing better than a real Italian “Tiramisu”. It is my favourite dessert and I tasted it in so many countries and variations, but the real one is the best one. Without any doubt :yum:


This made me so hungry!!! :heart_eyes: :joy:

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For sure, I love Tiramisu too!

You can’t imagine how it was for me during the writing of this post ahahha

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