French words with foreign origin

Hi guys!

I personally love to see different languages mixing! That’s why I made this little list of French words that come from other languages:

Amalgame: This word that means “a blend” or “a mixture” comes from the Arabic language.

Bravo: This word is used a loooot in French to say “well done!”, our friends learning Italian will recognize it for sure since it comes from Italy! :it:

Cibler: This word means “to target”, commonly used in advertising, and it comes from the Swiss-german language.

Grigri: This word defines a “charm” for good luck and it comes from the French speaking countries in Africa.

Kermesse: This means a kind of festival or celebration in honour to the church but in several countries it’s just used to define a festival with different kind of games, and it comes from Dutch!

Kitsch: Shout out to our friends learning German! This word means something that’s considered to be of poor taste, but often in an ironic way. And of cours, it comes from German :de:

Sérendipité: A nod to the English word “serendipity” which means a pleasant surprise.

Wiki: This is not a reference to Wikipedia :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, this one comes from Hawaii and it means “quick”.

Zénitude: This word comes from the Japanese religion of Zen buddhism and it means “to stay Zen”, to stay calm.

Patio: Where are our friends learning Spanish? This word borrowed from Spanish means “yard”. :es:

Do you know any other words that come from another language? I’m reading you! :nerd_face:

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I always wondered which meaning French people were giving to “Bravo”.
I hear them using it a lot and I was a bit confused haha.
In Italian it can be used to say “Well done” but also “good”.
Ex: Che bravo ragazzo - What a good boy