Frequently used expressions in French!

Hello dear French learners. My name is Roxana and I’m a French Team member at Lingopie. I am here to help you with your French learning. Please, do not hesitate to ask for anything you would like to know.
:fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand: :fleur_de_lis: :ok_hand:


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What about β€œun chac”? I was watching Fais pas ci, Fais pas ca and Tiphaine said β€œJe vais vous faire un chac”. I haven’t been able to find a translation. From context, i assume it means like " a babe" or β€œsexy guy”?


Heello and thank you for your message! Could you tell us the season and the number of that episode that you were watching? Thank you!

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Sure. Season 7 episode 1.

Thank you again for your message. There was a typo there…the word is Β¨checkΒ¨ and it’s been corrected. Thank you!