Fun fact about the letter Ё

For those who learn Russian with us: did you know that if a word has the letter “Ё”, it’s almost always the stressed one? There are very few words with this letter that have the accent on another vowel. Let’s see some examples:

ёжик (hedgehog)
ёлка (Christmas tree)
самолёт (airplane)
тёмный (dark)
актёр (actor)

There are also exceptions, but they are quite complex and specific cases, so that is another topic for discussion.

So next time that you see a word with “ё” in it, you’ll know how to accentuate it correctly without memorizing anything :nerd_face:

I’ve noticed that in some books and magazines the umlaut is not there. Just the simple e. Why is that?

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Hello, welcome here! :wink: You made a very good question.

It turns out that the letter “ё” is one of the last letters incorporated into the Cyrillic alphabet. The original alphabet, based on the Slavic and ecclesiastical language, was considered to be a higher class one.

As a consequence, there was some opposition from linguistic conservatives to the use of “ё”. This combined with the initial difficulty in adding the two dots in print, made it normal not to write them, unless the meaning of the word changes with their absence.

I hope I have explained it well! :nerd_face: