Funny answers to unnecessary questions

There are some Russian expressions that are used in a comical way to answer questions that are meaningless or have obvious answers.

They don’t have a literal sense. What they seek is to rhyme with the question and give a laugh, while avoiding answering it. :roll_eyes: :expressionless: :interrobang:

Here are some examples:

  • Это кто? [Eta kto] = Who’s that?
    Конь в пальто! [kon’ v pal’tO] = A horse in a coat!

  • Это кто? [Eta kto] = Who’s that?
    Дед Пихто [ded pikhtO] = Grandfather Pikhto (imaginary character)

  • Почему? [pachemU] = Why?
    По кочану! [pa kachanU] = By a head of cabbage!

  • Ты где? [ty gde] = Where are you?
    В Караганде! [v karagandE] = In Karaganda!

  • Ты откуда? [ty atkUda] = Where are you from?
    От верблюда! [at verblyUda] = From the camel!

:warning: If you are going to answer someone in this way, make sure there is confidence, otherwise you will seem rude! :warning:

To the Russian speakers, if you think of other expressions like this (there are quite a few), you can add them below :wink:

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