Funny experiences

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
I would like to share a funny experience I had one time!
My grandparents are both from the Philippines and don’t have a lot of interactions with the Italian culture other than with me and my family.
So one time going back to the Philippines we all brought pasalubong (Tagalog word referring to a gift you bring when you are coming from out of of town or country) for everyone, and we thought to also bring with us some tomato paste, since it is not supper common there. The only thing is that in Italy they use a packaging that resembles a lot a toothpaste container.
So one morning my grandma accidentally used the tomato paste, thinking it was toothpaste.
Later on that day she told us how much she likes Italian toothpaste because it tastes like tomato. :smiley:
We actually never told her that it was indeed tomato paste, and now every time we go back home we always prank her!

What about you? Do you guys have any funny personal experiences to share?
Can’t wait to hear them! :slight_smile:


:rofl: This brings me back to when I just moved to Spain to study for a couple of months.
Although I had studied Spanish at school that was my very first time to actually use the language with a Native. I remember I had to explain to the sales lady that my sim card was gone and I had to renew it and I kept telling her “se murió, se murió” (trying to say it’s gone, as in done, not working anymore) but I could not figure out why at first her face was so sad and kept asking me ¿Quién?
Love these stories! :rofl:


I remember one time, my grandmother was watching the Argentinian version of Desperate Housewives (just because that was airing at that time, in the channel she used to watch).
One night, while having dinner, she was trying to tell us that she was watching this show later that night, but she was having a hard time trying to remembering the name.
After a few seconds of pause, she ended up saying “Esposas Nerviosas, o algo así” (“Nervous Spouses, or something like that”) instead of “Amas de Casa Desesperadas”. Thank the language for synonyms! :rofl: