Funny Italian culture fact

Did you know Italians are very superstitious?
Here are some funny examples:

  1. Italians like to eat lentils on New Year’s Eve, because it is believed to bring prosperity (allegedly because of the lentils’ shape that reminds coins).
  2. Do not sweep on someone’s feet, or they shall never get married!
  3. Never open an umbrella at home, or under any sort of roof as it brings bad luck!
  4. If a pigeon relieves itself on your head, obviously by accident!!, or you step on one of their poop, then that means it is going to be a very very very lucky day!!

Do you know any other Italian superstition, or some from your own culture? Can’t wait to hear some of them! :slight_smile:


I love to learn new things about a language’s culture, especially when it comes to things like this :slight_smile:
I know that Italians use a red horn, that resembles a chilly pepper, to fight against the jinx!