Furoshiki - the traditional art of Japanese fabric wrapping

Hello dear japanese learners
にほんご がくしゅうしゃ の みなさん、どうも
Nihongo gakushusha no minasan, doumo

Today I’m here to present you the furoshiki, the art of japanese fabric wrapping. If we take a cross-cultural look towards the habit of wrapping objects for transportation we will see it in different cultures around our huge world. But it’s undeniable that Japan always leave an unique mark on everything.

In japanese history we will find the origin of furoshiki in the Nara period, around 710 B.C, altough by that time the cloth to wrap the objects was called tsutsumi. The name furoshiki was applied during the Muromachi era (1136 - 1573). During that time it was commom for the guests of bathhouses to wrap their kimonos in furoshiki cloths so as other people wouldn’t take it. With time furoshiki started to be used for many purposes. Nowadays it’s very used to wrap bentô boxes and there are bags made by furoshiki cloths also.

Do you want to learn more about how to do you own furoshiki ? Watch our show “Furoshiki Method”

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