German Insults and their meanings

A part of learning a new language is getting immersed in words that are particular to each country. Insults are a funny and interesting way of learning new words! So, here’s a list of my favourite insults in German

  • Mist: alone it means dung or fertilizer. But used in phrases like ‘ So ein mist!’ It’s meaning changes completely. This can be translated to ‘such a crap’ or ‘such a bummer’ (the translations are endless).
  • Scheiße!: this word means ‘shit’. This is a very versatile word, it can be used in many different scenarios. Used alone it could mean also something like ‘Damn’.
  • Geh zum Teufel: a classic German insult, pretty basic but it’s good to know it. Translated to English it means ‘ Go to hell’ (I find this one quite boring, I prefer an insult that’s a little bit more creative).

Do you know any insult in German? Leave them in the comments! What’s your most creative insult?


Haha, yes, it is important to know some swearwords!

In the series “Tankstellen des Glücks” there is a song about “Warmduscher” (someone who takes only warm showers) und “Schattenparker” (someone who parks their car in shady spots).
There are may simmilar words all refering to a wimp or a mollycoddle.

-Sitzpinkler (someone who sits down to have a pee)
-Weichei (weak egg)
-Waschlappen (washcloth)


Lol thanks for these.

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