German Slang Words

Hello! I’ve been watching the movie ‘Auf Augenhöhe’ (At Eye Level) and there are some German slang words such as ‘Alter’, which means something like ‘dude’ or ‘bro’ in the movie, which I couldn’t comprehend at first. I also know the meaning of other words in slang, such as ‘geil’ (cool) and ‘krass’, which actually means ‘cool’ as well.
Do you know any other slang words in German? :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


The list is endless… :grin:
But for sure, dialects have a great influence here.
But at least, here are some examples that are used a lot:

  • Mahlzeit! = Greeting around lunchtime instead of “hello”; also means “enjoy your meal” :hamburger:
  • Das ist Hammer! = That is cool! :hammer_and_pick:
  • Kohle = money :money_with_wings:

I’ve also seen Digger, Digga or Dicker as alternatives to “Alter”!
And I think the expression “Bock haben” is pretty useful. It means to feel like doing something. So if I said “Ich habe keinen Bock”, that would be “I don’t feel like it”. (The literal meaning of Bock would be ram :ram: or something like that, so I’m not sure where the expression came from :laughing:)


There are a lot! Here a few of them :eyes:

  • Kumpel: Friend
  • Labern: Talking
  • Klotzen: Looking
  • Kiffen: Smoking a joint
  • Schiss: Scared
  • Moin: An abbreviation ob “Guten Morgen” used in North Germany
  • Bullen: Cops

I have heard Digga before as well. I read they use it a lot in the north of Germany, like Hamburg!


I really like the expression “von wegen!” used in several shows like Wolf :wolf: or Kokosnuss :dragon: and I think it’s a really usefull one as it is used as a counter argument for a statement that is completely false :rofl: From what I’ve read you can use it on its own ( von wegen! ), as a negation to a statement made by somebody else, and means somethink like “not at all”, “as if” or just simply “no way!”.


Here is an expression that you use the day after
“einem feuchtfröhlichen Abend” ( an evening with lots of drinks)
“Ich habe einen Kater!”
That means to be hungover.


How did they come from hungover to have a cat??!! :rofl:

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There is also “Muskelkater”. A hangover of your muscles. It means being sore after exercising.