German Word Order

Hello, is there someone who can explain the German word order to me. I don’t really understand why the conjugated word sometimes comes on 2nd position and other times on the last position.

For example:
Ich möchte, dass du mich besuchen kommst. :thinking:

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In this case you have two types of “sentences” or “clauses”.

On second position comes the verb when it’s a regular sentence, a main sentence or “Hauptsatz”, and the verb comes at the end when it’s a “Nebesatz”, which means it is NOT the main sentence, but depends of the Hauptsatz. Is it too complicated? :thinking:

Well, there’s a simple way to recognise them: “Nebensätze” are linked to the main sentence with connectors like “dass”, “weil” or “wenn”. So, every time you see some of these words, you should think they hate verbs and send them to the furthest place possible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope it helps!