Good idea but too many problems to make it easily usable


I just signed up for the free trial but I won’t be continuing. I chose French because I have some remnants from school days and you don’t yet have Greek, which is the language I really want to learn.

Problems with captions when watching a program so far are:

Frequent freezing of captions, the words are being spoken but the caption doesn’t change in English or French. The only way to sort it is to refresh the page which takes you back to the beginning of the program. It doesn’t always freeze in the same place.

French captions suddenly become English and nothing I do can change it back to French except logging out and logging back in again.

Weird words on the flash cards, for example it comes up with “of an oar” for lover of a metro train which doesn’t even sound the same as train. Can’t work out what’s going on.

Will come back in a few months and see if it works properly by then. Shame really as it’s a good idea.



Hello, thank you for your comments. They help us a lot to improve our customers’ experience.

There were some problems with the editing of the shows in French, which is being fixed, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please let me know in which shows and episodes this happened to you?

I look forward to your comments.

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I’m having an issue trying to watch the video on my firestick I wish there were an app but since there isn’t I tried to use the browser from amazon and I get this… that’s very annoying, I cannot really turn my tv on it’s side.


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Hi! We are only supporting Airplay and Chromecast for now but we will fix the problem very soon!

Hope so. I have a laptop and it doesnt like laying

g sideways. Luckily i use a tablet as well.

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