Hanami - Enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms

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にほんご がくしゅうしゃ の みなさん、どうも
Nihongo gakushusha no minasan, doumo

Since time immemorial, the Japanese have been in the habit of appreciating the beauties of nature, re-energizing themselves and finding inspiration for art. An annual event much anticipated by Japanese and foreign tourists is the Hanami. The hanami is an event where people gather in parks to picnic, chat and have fun while admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms. In japanese characters this word is written using the characters of “flower” and “look”:

花 (hana) - flower
見 (mi) - see

The tradition of hanami dates back to the Nara period (710 - 794), however, at that time, the Japanese admired the plum blossom, in japanese ume no hana, and not the cherry blossom as it is done today.
Like many things in traditional Japanese culture, hanami also has its origins in Chinese culture. The habit originates in Tang Dynasty China. There they admired the plum blossoms and found in it inspiration for literature and visual arts. In Japan the poems of classical literature are full of references to cherry blossoms and their ephemeral beauty.

For those planning to visit Japan, go during the spring and be sure to participate in a hanami. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the cherry trees and you will certainly gain wonderful memories.

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みなさん の ごいけん を きかせください
Minasan no goiken wo kikasekudasai

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