Hangul - The korean alphabet!

Hi everyone!
안녕하세요, 여러분!

It’s me, Cesar from the Korean team (again! haha)

How you doing? I hope everything is okay. We keep working hard day by day to make your experience in the Korean Catalog be the best possible and because of that I come with great news!

The Korean alphabet may seems like a big barrier to new learners but it’s actually pretty simple to get. It’s basically composed by vowels and consonants (exactly like ours) and they goes combined to make exactly the sound that you want to have, yeah, it’s completely phonetic! So, once you have in mind the letters and the sound that each one produces, it’s pretty easy to follow up!

As in my name:
ㅅ - “s” sound
ㅔ - “e” sound
ㅈ - “j” sound (goes for z, as they don’t have it)
ㅏ - “a” sound
I don’t put the “r” as I don’t really pronunciate it while saying.
세자 - “SEJA” that’s my name in Korean!

We prepared for you a show guiding you trough your first steps.

Hangul - first steps

There are just two short episodes of each Korean letter and their combinations. If you’re just beginning or want to have a solid start, that’s your place!

Feel free to ask us anything, I’ll be more that happy to help.

나중에 보자! – See you later!