Happy Easter und Frohe Ostern

Happy Easter und Frohe Ostern!

Easter for me is a fun time of the year. Like in „Zu Tisch“ s01_e05 in my family we dye hard boiled eggs with natural colours or we blow out the egg and just decorate the shell to hang them up on branches. It´s lots of fun seeing everyone’s face turn red when blowing out the eggs.

On Easter Sunday after the Easter bunny delivered the Easter baskets we play games with the hard boiled eggs. One, of course, is the egg hunt. We take turns hiding the eggs in the garden and looking of them. Another classic is the egg toss. You have to toss/roll your egg in grass without breaking it. The one who gets the farthest wins.

And for supper we make a big egg salad!!! Yum!!

Do you have any Easter traditions? How do you celebrate? :rabbit: :rabbit: :rabbit:


I found the egg coloring in that episode of At Our Neighbours Table fascinating! They look so pretty :heart_eyes:. Here in Argentina I’ve never seen real eggs decorated like that for Easter, we stick mainly to chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies :rabbit:


In my family we come together for a big Easter Brunch and one special thing about this brunch here from the region I come from is that we have a sweet, dry cake that is eaten together with the ham and sausages. It is a bit weird, but I am used to it since I was a child and I simply love it :heart_eyes: :yum:
And of course the big egg-competition: who got the toughest Easter egg (you smack your boiled egg against the egg of the one next to you, if your egg got marked, you are out).