Happy first day of spring!

Sping is here!

The germans refer to this season as „Frühling“, „Frühjahr“, „Lenz“.

Nature is waking up after the winter and the first flowers are peaking out.

In German there are two expressions:

Frühjahrsmüdigkeit (spring fatigue)


Frühlingsgefühle (spring fever).

The first one discribes the fatigue, not having motivation and feeling lazy & tired after the winter.

The other one refers to the happiness and joyous feelings, maybe falling in love when spring starts.

Which type are you??? :seedling: :tulip: :bouquet:


I love that they’ve got their bases covered: no matter what spring makes you feel, there’s a specific word for it!
I’m more of a Frühlingsgefühle person myself. I don’t live in a place with very intense winters, so they don’t affect me as much, but nature is at its prettiest in spring and fall, when it’s a bit chilly and everything is blooming or turning lovely shades of orange :hibiscus: :fallen_leaf:


Hi! I have definitely Frühlingsgefühle (spring fever), I love spring and the blooming of flowers! Everything seems to look much more colorful! :rose: :tulip: :blossom: :hibiscus:


Totally Frühlingsgefühle over here! My head associates the first signs of spring (sunnier and longer days, higher temperatures…) with my vacations coming. Spring brings me hope! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: