Happy Mother´s Day

Mother´s Day

Mother´s Day is held on different dates around the world but in lots of countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

In Germany the day got established by the association of flower shop owners to push sales but also to encourage women to have babies since birth rates were at a low.

Even though the day gets

criticised to be very commercial it is a good chance to say thank you to your mother and spoil her.

How do you celebrate Mother´s Day? Are you a flower-buyer or are you as creative as Wendy and Marine in episode 16 when they are trying to outdo themselves in selfmade motherday gifts? :sparkling_heart:


Mother’s Day was one of the few days my Mum got to sleep in while my sister and I prepared a delicious breakfast for her. :croissant: :bacon: :pancakes: :coffee:

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