Happy Teacher’s day!

No matter if you like them or not, teachers play a huge role in our lifes, we spent a huge amount of time with them, they are always there no matter how annoying we get. From teaching a new subject to giving us some life advice, teachers are always shaping us into the person that we are today! Today, the 4th of May, we recognize their hard work and desire to shape future civilizations!

Is there any teacher of you that influenced you in a good way? Let me know in the comments! :grinning: :grinning:


I remember learning German with different teachers and how they showed me the language based on their own interests, passions and abilities; and how that enriched my learning.
One of my teachers loved Geography and History :earth_africa: :person_with_crown:, and the other one was passionate for languages :nerd_face:, so he used to compare every grammar topic in different languages.
Both of them showed me different perspectives of approaching a language, and I hope I do the same with my students!

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