Happy World Book Day

World Book Day

Nothing is better for me then snuggling up in bed with a good book!

Books can take you to different places, capture you, make you laugh and cry. So many adventures are hidden on the paper.

The World Book Day is an annual event organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was first celebrated in 1995 on April 23th which is the death day of William Shakespeare , Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and birth/death day to other famous authors. The day is promoting reading, publishing and copyright.

Nowadays you can get books in all kinds of shapes…hard back, paper back, e-book. Big Ludwig from the show Wolf has a real library in his house- I would love to have one too!! But these days I often rely on e-books.

What is your favorite? How much do you read? Or do you prefer audiobooks? :books:


I personally can’t enjoy E-Books. I don’t know, maybe books are an “analogical/non-digital” objects, that I use to go away from the noise and stimulation from screens… :tv:

I enjoy reading (almost) everything. And I’m thankful that I could read some brilliant authors in their original language, like Wolfgang Borchert. He was so young but wrote some of the most thoughtful, saddest :sleepy: but yet hopeful :hugs:short stories ever.

And I didn’t heard so much audiobooks (because I don’t want to depend on some “Gerät”) but I loved to see “The Tunnel” here on Lingopie, because I learned German with that short story… And watching the short film was so despairing as in the book! :woozy_face:Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

Has anyone else seen it?

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Although I absolutely love physical books as objects, I must admit I’ve gotten used to reading on my Kindle (what can I say, they’re easier to hold on the bus and I can just lean it against a pillow on the bed to read hands-free :sweat_smile:).

Audiobooks are also a great way to get some reading on while working on house chores, or to practice reading and listening in another language at the same time (may I perhaps suggest some of Lingopie’s audiobooks? :star_struck:)

I didn’t realize “The Tunnel” was based on a short story! I thought the short film was great, so I will definitely try to find the short story and read it! :open_book:

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