Hey Lingos! Let me know which are your three reasons why we should learn Portuguese

On my personal side I have the greatest reasons to learn Portuguese. Perhaps we can share our motivations here. I’d like to know if my reasons match with someone else’s.

  1. Bossa Nova - I love Brazilian music, specially Bossa Nova and the newly “brasilidades”
  2. Literature - you must read The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and Captains of the Sands (Jorge Amado). They are amazing!
  3. Because sounds beautiful to listen! :heart_eyes:

Your turn! :sunglasses:


I also would like to learn Portuguese! I speak Spanish and I found they are very similar.

  1. I like the music from Brazil, the sound of the language.
  2. the Brazilians that I know have this happiness that is so usual in the Brazilian people!
  3. I want to visit Brazil in the future and be available to speak with the people fluently!


  1. The Music!! Brazilian invented the Bossa Nova (combo of Jazz and african beats) and Samba
  2. The People- Brazilian are the most simpatic and chilled people, they know how to enjoy the simple things
  3. The Passion - the way the language sound, the warm approach and compliments when interacting is unique

My main reasons are:

1- So many diverse and beautiful places to visit in Brazil and Portugal.
2- Lots of people with different accents to interact with.
3- Culture in general. Music (MPB, Samba, Bossa Nova…), literature (Machado de Assis, Clarice Lispector, Drummond…), food and many other things!!!


Well, although I speak Portuguese, I speak the European variant, culturally we are very different and so my preferences are:

  1. "I recommend Fado, because it characterizes us as a nation and reflects our ancestral soul, more and more turned to the future, where Fado has new and vibrant “colors” with new interpretations, listen to Mariza, Ana Moura, my favorites.
  2. Literature - We have the classics like Camões, where you can read all about the exploits of the Portuguese in the discoveries, the Nobel prize winner José Saramago, any of his books are fantastic,
  3. Portuguese food is one of the best in the world and the most varied, where each part of the country has its own identity. I recommend the North of the country, because that is where I live!
  4. To finish, Portugal is small but has everything: two archipelagos, natural parks, half of the country is made up of coastline with extraordinary beaches, we have snow, we have everything. And of course, we have Cristiano Ronaldo! Only the best player in the world!!!

For me, the main reasons to learn portuguese are:

  1. Brazilian Music (which is amazing! :star_struck:)
  2. Carnival
  3. The brazilian people are so happy and passionated about life, I want to learn more about the way they live.

Capoeira. For me it’s a gift of african/brazilian culture!


True! Capoeira is a true
:v: :slightly_smiling_face:

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