Hey there, people!

Hello from the other side (of the world), I’m Sıla from the Korean team. I can’t describe the excitement I have right at this moment, while writing this post. I am here and will always be here to share all of my knowledge regarding both Korea and Korean. You can also ask me anything you want!

My first recommendation for you guys will be “Toaster”. You should go start watching, and we will discuss about it later!

By the way, I came with great news for you. Next week, we will have amazing new contents for Korean learners on the platform. So, get ready for the new journey!

다음에 봐요! ^^


Hi Sila! Nice to meet you! I am an absolute beginner in Korean and am just learning the alphabet and watching videos to get used to the sounds. I have a close friend from Korea who I met when she was studying here in Canada a few years ago. I am hoping that if I work hard, I can learn some Korean and surprise her with it at some point. :smiley:

So glad you guys added Korean to the platform!

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Hey there! It’s nice to see so many people who are passionate about learning Korean. Believe me, alphabet is the hardest part, but once you get used to it, you will be able to experience Korean language’s magic to the best. Great that you have a Korean friend, you can actually improve even more as you try to have a conversation with a native.

Moreover, we are happy to accompany you on your journey, too! :partying_face:

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