Historical Background of Some Shows

I have been watching El Caso and I have noticed that there are references to historical events and people in Spain in the 60’s that I don’t know about. .

Although I was able to figure out who “El Lute” was and how he fit into the time period when the show was set, there are other cultural references I don’t know.

Does anyone have a good method for researching the actual history behind historical shows on Lingo pie? I have tried wiki and google, but I don’t even know enough to write a good question about some of the events. One of the issues is an apparent bias of search engines to give me US results and not Spanish results.

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Here are a few tips that I have for learning spanish on a default english speaking computer. I only use ChromeOS/android devices, so these are my settings. First, add a keyboard language setting. I have both English and Spanish (latin America) keyboards/dictionaries set in settings. That allows me to write the different characters for each language and also does spell correct in both. You should have these settings on any platform/web browser and it will allow your apps and websites to use both languages without prompting you to translate everything… On android devices it also allows you to do google assistant searches by speaking spanish/english and getting the results in either language.

Google search. Make sure you have auto-translate turned off or it will only return english settings. Do your searches in spanish to get spanish results.

Next, wikipedia. Switch the language to spanish and do the searches. Most sites like wikipedia have the setting to switch the language. You can go directly to:

Instead of: ¨https://en.wikipedia.org/¨

That takes you to the spanish version of wikipedia. Only substitute ¨es¨ (spanish) in place of ¨en¨ (english) at the beginning of the link.

I also get engrossed in the history of some of the spanish shows and end up spending half a night researching those topics on spanish websites. I did that with ¨laura, una vida extraordinaria¨. I loved reading the history about her/Columbia.

Last suggestion since you said you didn’t know how to form your questions for spanish. In google search, type your question in english. At the end of the question type ¨en español¨ Example ¨who was laura montoya en español¨. That will translate the question to ¨quién fue laura montoya¨. Copy that sentence into your search bar and you will get spanish results. Simple questions like that google translate will translate correctly.

Sorry for going long in the comment, But I hope you find some of it helpful, - Ed

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