Homograph Words - Are you sure you know to use them?

'words that have the same spelling but are pronounced differently ’


The habit does not make the monk
I dwell outside the city

This meat sauce is tasty.
I forgot my bunch of keys at work.

This company makes cars of various models.
That factory pollutes the village.

Don’t forget to stop by the school office
I gave your secretary the message.

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Homograph words can be very tricky. I have another one:

O cabo é um rango militar superior ao soldado.
O cabo da colher está quebrado.

The corporal is a military rank higher than the soldier.
The spoon handle is broken.


This is so much fun!!! I have another one!

O menino está com sede.
A sede da empresa fica em outro país.

The boy is thirsty.
The company’s headquarters are in another country.

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