How can I make the best of my German learning experience in Lingopie?

Hello there! I’ve been learning German for a while now, and I’ve learn a lot so far, but I get the feeling that I’m not taking advantage of all the tools of the platform. What I’ve done so far is watch the beginner’s shows that I’m interested in, with both German and English subtitles on, to see how each word is translated and said in each language.
Do you have any other tips for me? Have you tried any of the other features of the player or the site that you would recommend?


I think the Mashup function is very useful!
It’s in the same menu as the subtitles. When it’s activated, you see only the English subtitles, but in every other subtitle you see also the German translation of one or a couple of words, without having to click on anything. It’s more relaxed than having both subtitles at the same time since it works mostly as a “normal” English subtitle, but you’re still learning German vocabulary! You should definitely give it a try :+1: