How Difficult is to Speak Spanish 🎶

Hi! :wave: Today we bring you a piece of a song that shows different uses of the same word in their respective countries.

[…] How difficult is to speak Spanish
because everything you say has another meaning,
how difficult is to understand Spanish
I give up, I go back to my country.

In Venezuela I bought with my money a pana’s shirt
and my friends told me:’That’s my pana, that’s my pana
And in Colombia the porro is a cheerful rhythm that it’s sung,
but everyone looks at me badly when I say I love it.

Chileans say that when something it’s far away, it’s in the chucha.
And in Colombia stinky armpits are the chucha,
meanwhile in Uruguay to that smell they called it chivo,
and the dictionary defines chivo as a goat with chinstraps

And changing a vowel the word turns into chucho.
And chucho is a dog in El Salvador and in Guatemala.
In Honduras is penny-pinching, and they called chucho to Jesus.
With so many definitions, how you use this fucking word ?

Chucho is cold in Argentina, chucho in Chile is a jail,
chucho in Mexico is someone very skilful.

The chucho of chucho is a chucho barking,
and for chucho to Chucho they’ve sent him to chucho.
Chucho was cold, so he got a chucho.
‘What a chucho,’ he said, ‘I miss my chucho’ […]

Here you have the complete Spanish version of the song: Qué difícil es hablar el español (con subtítulos en español) - YouTube

And here is another example:

What do you think of these words? What other examples do you know? :thinking: