How do I get an episode to repeat?

I am only 2 days into this, but I cannot find the answer. I am trying to start learning Spanish by watching Oswaldo. Last night, I had no clue what I was doing. Tonight, I want to watch the first episode of Oswaldo, but I cannot figure out to do that. The system keeps pushing me to the second episode. Can you help me? Thank you!


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You need to go via Explore again, search for the series and click on more infromation instead of continue watching, then you’ll see all the episodes underneath and can click on it.


Search oswaldo, or if it’s on your page, just hover your mouse over it, then click more info. then all the episodes will appear. if you are at the very end of the episode/ the end credits then pause, and scroll in script to the first words, OR use the bar at the bottom to go to the beginning of the episode.

Thank you. So far none of these ideas have worked. , a page appears asking me if I want to go to the next video. When I go to the top of the script on the side, all that clicking on words does is translate the word. When I get to the end of a video, I never see the credits before the pop up asking me if I want to watch the next video pops up. I appreciate your ideas. Is there not a simple way to watch a video a second time?

I know what you mean. I’ve found a couple ways to handle this:

At the end of the episode when it shows the buttons “Review your flashcards” and “Next Episode” I will click anywhere on the video except those buttons. For example, I click the picture of the popcorn that appears. The “Next Episode” button then disappears and it takes me back to the current video. From there I can rewind the video.

The other option is using the script on the side. Don’t click on a word in the script. Instead, click to the left or right of a particular sentence in the script. That will rewind the video to that section.


Thank you Mozdeth. Clicking anywhere on the video outside of that notification card worked for me and now I can rewatch the videos and learn to hear more. Thank you! Using the script to go back in a video only worked sometimes for me, but this other technique of tapping anywhere else in the video works very well for me.

Thank you!

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No problem!

If the website developers are reading these posts, maybe you guys can add a little “x” in the corner of this pop-up to make it clear that you can dismiss the pop-up and go back to the current episode. I feel that would make things more intuitive. Or maybe add a button below “Next Episode” that says “Watch it again”.


Great ideas. I hope the website gurus are reading this page.