How I approach learning on here and elsewhere- what do you do?

Background learning: Let me start off by saying i had a little bit of base down. I completed two units on duolingo/got to unit 3. I know the difference between ser and estar. I do some research into grammar. I google what the different tenses mean from multiple sources(simple past/preterite, future, imperfect, conditional, subjunctive).

Most useful currently: What I found helped me out a lot on this site was copying this chart of grammar conjugations and TENSES (future, past tense, imperfect, subjunctive, ect.).

I kept a copy of it at the side while using lingopie but was still strugling for awhile, until one day i practiced one column at a time and practiced them on (I haven’t dealt with the subjunctive, yet, though)

I don’t have them totally memorized yet, but that approach taught me to recognize the patterns on them, and now i look them up on my copy of the chart as needed on lingopie and am slowly picking up on it.

for irregular verbs i use the conjugation tab on which shows every conjugation and tense of a spanish word.

Also: I also use the spanish version of and translate as i go for webcomics. One that I found was easy to understand is Clínica del terror which is "Clinic of horrors on the english webtoon.

For practicing talking to people people I use the discord channel Spanish-English Learning Server which is very active

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