How rapidly does effective comprehension come?

I found Lingopie while using YouTube for language learning. My focus is on Spanish, French, and German languages.
-How comfortable are you with the platform?
-How comfortable are you getting with your target language?
-How rapidly are you learning? Gaining comprehension?


  1. I am fairly comfortable with the platform. Some issues exist with translations and grammar, but the mistakes are often obvious and fixable. The “learn” mechanics are good, but not particularly fluid and some issues can arise there. I am probably a more advanced learner of languages than most other people so a person learning a second language (particularly self-taught) may have more difficulty in recognizing problems that I can easily recognize and overcome. My guess is if you know 3-4 languages you know exactly what I mean. It is an experience thing which applies to every platform and every method I’ve ever known. Lingopie is not a ‘guided-course’ type of site. A mash of content, a bit limited, but enjoyable media.

  2. I already was comfortable with Japanese in written form, but all the spoken variations and dialects are a major weakness of mine. Using subtitles to help build my listening comprehension and pick up slang easier. I am new to Spanish, but I can read it well enough with just a week’s practice now.

  3. Spanish is easy for native English speakers, so it has been fast. Traditional schooling is slow and boring but learning this way has been fun. I have not mastered the grammar, but I have reviewed it and with flashcards I can enjoy media at natural (native) speed with subtitles. Understanding the spoken is very hard, my output is bad, and my pronunciation is terrible. I do not expect fluency or anything in a month or so, but in terms of comprehension I can enjoy simple materials just fine. This is a hybrid of the extensive and intensive input theories - so I can switch back and forth at whim without feeling guilty or missing out on the traditional reviewing. It is nice in a way.


It is absolutely wonderful for me to know that there are a lot of people using Liñgöpie.
I found it while I was looking for something which helps to understand English better, the path has not been easy but here I am.
For sure I will be more than glad to help the Spanish learners.

The platform is so friendly that a lost myself watching videos and learning a lot.

Best regards!

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