I am unable to navigate to a video I have previously watched

I am a beginner in Spanish. I can only understand the kids shows. I want to re-watch several shows, but once I get through an episode and get into the Flashcards, I cannot return to the original video. I am finding this very frustrating. I have tried right-clicking on parts of the screen to go back to a previous screen, but I still end up on the flashcards screen.

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You need to go back using the arrows of the browser. Then you’re back at the end of the video where the (Try Flashcards)-window appears. Finally, you can just click somewhere on the screen and the Play-Button is shown. From now on, you can use the controller to either start the video from the beginning or return to certain sections.

(As far as I’m aware, there is no Netflix-like-function which allows you to go to the next or last episode by just 1 click, but if you return from the series (by pressing the arrows of the browser) you’ll see the overview of the series and underneath you can choose from every episode)

You are correct that the back arrow in the browser will bring me to a page that shows all of the episodes. But when I select the episode of interest, I go to the flash cards and there is no option to go back to the video. The flashcards are cute, but not as effective as the spoken word. From the flashcards, the back button does not bring me to an option to watch the video again.

I consider this a design flaw and hope you will communicate my frustration to the product managers.

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Ok, I think know what you mean. When you go to review & practice you can see all the videos you have watched and their flashcards, but can’t go to the original video from there. Instead, you have to go back to the Dashboard and search for the series, yeah that’s kinda annoying but I got used to it.

This is the forum for users helping each other, if you want to make improving suggestions you need to use Contact us - Button which is down to the left on the Dashbard,

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Thank you for your help and understanding. I have submitted a comment on Contact Us. If you would like to take this comment off the blog, that is okay with me. I appreciate your help.

Hey! so search for the show. then hover your mouse over it. click more info.
all the episodes will appear

click episode 1. then click the first words in the script or ues the bar to go to the beginning.