I cannot use my PC for lingopie

After watching a few videos on my PC I now get “can’t reach this page” when trying to use lingopie.

I am using my phone to write this message. Clicking “support” is no use - nothing happens.

Should I contact my bank to cancel? What’s gone wrong?


I have a similar experience. error 404 cannot reach page, but mine happens when i am trying to click on ¨review flashcards¨. The support button on the main page does not work for me either. I managed to contact them using the ¨help¨ button here at the top the forums, then click on ¨contact us" at the top and bottom of that help page. That button will take you to:

Contact Us (Lingopie Knowledge Base)

They got back to me quickly, verified my problem and sent the report to the developers. So hopefully my problem will be fixed quickly.

Hope this helps, Ed


Hello there! Just passing to confirm if you was able to solve your issues with the platform. Have you tried to use another browser? This happened after a specific process or just trying to open the site? Just let us know so we can ask for the right team to stay in touch with you.

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Try to use a different browser.

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