I can't find the search bar anymore?

Where did it go? It’s disapeared.



We’re trying out a new feature called content filtering to get you better search results
However, there is still a possibility of re-inserting the search bar in the future. :slight_smile:

@deborah That’s good, but I must say I do like having the option to see all content if I choose to. This is not really a problem with some smaller language offerings. Still, the filter option essentially allows for that.

An expanded tag list for the filter would be great as well. When the search bar was there, I could not search for audiobooks since it looked for titles instead. The filter works great for dialect, and I think ‘audiobook’ would be a good tag to add. (Applies to Spanish language)

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Are you literally telling me that I can’t search for things that I have played in the past? That’s madness!! You’ve just made it far less user friendly in one foul swoop!! :frowning: i was singing along to disney tracks, now I can’t even find them!


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.
With the filters feature, you can now find shows that fit your preferences more easily.
Moreover, you can find all shows you started watching in the “Continue watching” category.
I hope this helped!

Filtering by preference does make sense if someone is browsing and hasn’t decided what to watch. Taking away the search bar makes it annoying though if somebody has a specific title that they’re looking for. Sure, we can poke around until we find the category that it falls into, but why take away a feature that would have taken us right to it?