I don't really understand how the Spanish training works

I must be missing something. I’ve watched the first two “movies”, but the quizzes at the end have me stumped. What am I missing? I’m honestly not sure what the quizzes are asking me to do.
Feeling pretty stupid, and I really want to learn, but just thinking this method of learning may not work for me until I grasp the concept. Any ideas of how to learn something from my upcoming 3rd movie?

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Hello Todd! I am a Spanish learner as well, new on this plateforme just like you. I might not know or understand it all, but I can explain you what I do. I am very low tech and it still works for me so I am sure you can figure it too. As you watch any show, the subtitles appear. You can simply click on any word you wish to learn. (Some words are underlined, as a suggestion, but you can click on any Spanish word). The translation of the word specifically will be given. hit the space bar to continue watching. The words you chose (or expressions) will be added to your personal list. You can review those words in flashcards, or in the little games. As soon as you have added 5 words, you are proposed to do a pop-quiz (corner left). It is really just a matter of choosing the right translation. After the pop-quiz, the show will continue. Personally I started with very short videos and I let it finish before doing any test. Once your video is over, you also have the option “test yourself”. It brings you to the flashcards you selected. Each word (or expression, verb) come in the context of the video. You can even rewatch the little segment. Then you turn the flashcard to see the translation. Under the flash card, you can select whether “no idea”, “not sure” or “I know” The system will bring you to the next flashcard and so on. Then it will repeat the the ones you did not know. Once you’re done, you chose the “games” Then you have 3 Spanish words to be match with English ones… and once you are done, you get another trio. Once you are done, (or whenever you decide) you can watch another video and start a new list. At any time you can review/practice your words with the flashcards or with the games. I suggest not to select to many words on the same video at a time because if you have a lot of new words at once, you won’t remember them so well and it can be discouraging. Hope this is useful. If not, maybe ask help from the Support team. Good luck and have fun learning Spanish!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I’ll keep at it, but it has been a little discouraging.
Take care.

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Hi Todd,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I’m Deborah, Lingopie’s community manager. I would love to jump on a call and better understand how I can help you use Lingopie.

Here is my email: deborah@lingopie.com

Feel free to write to me. :slight_smile: