I love this website, thank you to the team that keeps it running

I love lingopie!

*It is affordable
*The staff always responds by the upcoming business day when I have a problem
*they are constantly working on it and adding new features

The bad side is that it can be glitchy. But it has only been around a few years and it will only get better.

Also, I wish they had a way to delete all flashcards for a show so I could start new.

The only comparable website is fluentu. For anyone who is thinking of using that site, I can leave a comparative review, but the short version of it is: fluentu is expensive, not worth it, and boring, and generally sucks. All it has is videos for toddlers, and movie trailers.

Hands down, lingoepie is superior and I feel like the site was made with love


That is a good point. To be able to delete the flashcards…