I'm a beginner, where do I start?!

I see you’ve decided to learn some German! :nerd_face: Congratulations, you’ve made a fantastic choice, and you’ve definitely come to the right place!

You will find a lot of content on Lingopie, but it can sometimes be a little daunting to choose where to start, so I’m here to give you a few recommendations :sunglasses:

First, get to know the platform. Try every button on the player to discover all of the many functions that will help you learn better (did you know you can slow the video down to understand it better? Now you do!), try using the Mashup function within the subtitles’ menu, and don’t forget to review your flashcards and play some quizzes to practice your vocabulary!

There are many categories within the catalog, but may I suggest you take a look at the one titled "Beginner Friendly". You will find exactly what it says on the tin: some of Lingopie’s selection specifically for beginners just like you :smile:. But don’t worry, I’m going to give you some suggestions myself:

  • Don’t try to bite more than you can chew. Start small with some short films or series with short episodes!
  • If you like animation I’ve got some great news for you, because we have some gorgeous ones for you: Egypt Lake, The Scent of the West and Sloth are some of my favorites! :film_strip:
  • Not a fan of animation? Not a problem! Take a look at Enigma, Forever Close, Milk & Sugar or Job Interview!
  • Don’t dismiss shows for being aimed at children! They can be great tools for learning a new language :wink: Drawing Smart is great for beginners of any age! The episodes are short, and the voice is slow, clear and calm :pencil2:. And animated series like Coconut the Little Dragon and Pat the Dog are also great options!

These are only some of my suggestions, but there’s much more for you to discover! What are some of the best shows for beginners in your opinion? Please share them here, so we can help each other have the best experience Lingopie has to offer!! :hugs:


Amazing! I’m a beginner and this was extremely helpful!! :blush:


Hi! I think Wolf is a great entertainment and it is easy to understand, too!


Have you seen “Die Weihnachtsgeschichte”/ Christmas tale? Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie
It doesn’t take long to watch it, and it’s really sweet… But most of all super funny! I laughed a lot!

And the words and sentences are not so complicated :wink: