Imperativ/o in plural in the Spanish of Spain


so I started learning Spanish in school about 12 years ago. Since then I’ve never used it so recently I started to refresh. Being in school in Europe and only acquired a basic level (since I could only choose a third language from High school), the “vos” - form never crossed my Spanish learning process until I watched a show in Spanish on Netflix (from Venezuela I think) and wondered which personal pronoun this is. Then I informed myself and figured out that it basically just means (you) and unfortunately, I learned that every country/region even conjugates the belongig verb differently. So even though I hated the “th”-like Spanish pronunciation of ce/ci/z I decided to stick to the “Spanish” Spanish since I’m scared of flying and won’t leave Europe anyway.

So just to clarify, I learned that, if you want to address commands to several people at once, the imperativ of regular verbs is the following (in Spain-Spanish):

tom(ar) - tomad
escrib(ir) - escribid
aprend(er) -aprended

Since Spanish Spanish uses “ustedes” as a polite form to address several people at once, there is also the Imperativ of the 3. person plural (ustedes/ellos/ellas) which is done by replacing ir/er- verbs with a, end ar- verbs with with er-verbs like

habl(ar) - Hablen
aprender - Aprendan
escribir - Escriban

And here is my question: I watched Sissi (btw. very funny to me that they all speak Spanish in Bavaria and Vienna ^^) and I’m currently watching The Treasure Island, both series have the flag of SPAIN.

and in both series they COSTANTLY say “Miren, Hablen, Tomen…you know where it’s going…” and they say it talking to their animal friends, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t use the polite form for that.

If the series would be from Latin America I’d understand as the vosotros-form don’t exist there but why do they use the polite form in a show that is considered to be Spanish from Spain? (I know, they don’t use it on the Canary Islands but this is not really representative for whole Spain, right?)

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I think people on reddit won’t know why lingopie put Spanish flags on series and don’t use vosotros…

Ah. I thought your question was more about politenesss, i skimmed it. I have no idea. Kitty no es Gato uses vosotros.