Imperfetto - Past progressive or "used to" meaning? Let’s see the Past progressive

Limperfetto , is an indicative (indicativo) time verb that can be used in two context, and this post we’ll see how to use in the Past progressive.

:arrow_right: The context to use I'Imperfetto as the Past progressive
To use it as Past progressive, we have to refer to an action that was happeging in the past without been complete at that time.

:it: - Mi hanno chiamato quando andavo a scuola
:uk: - "They called me when I was going to school

:arrow_right: How to form it in Italian?
Even if in English (talking about the Past progressive) we see that this time is formed by:

  • Past Simple of the verb to be + Gerund of the specific verb (I was going)

in Italian we have a specific suffix for the three general suffix (*ARE, ERE, IRE*), let’s see how to do it for each of them:

Indicativo - Imperfetto

  • Chiamare (ARE) (to call)
    Io chiamavo - I was calling
    Tu chiamavi - You were calling
    Lei/Lui chiamava - She/He/It was calling
    Noi chimavamo - We were calling
    Voi chiamavate - You were calling
    Essi/Loro chimavano - They were calling

  • Vedere (ERE) (to see)
    Io vedevo - I was seeing
    Tu vedevi - You were seeing
    Lei/Lui vedeva - She/He/It was seeing
    Noi vedevamo - We were seeing
    Voi vedevate - You were seeing
    Essi/Loro vedevano - They were seeing

  • Partire (IRE) (to leave)
    Io partivo - I was leaving
    Tu partivi - You were leaving
    Lei/Lui partiva - He/She/It was leaving
    Noi partivamo - We were leaving
    Voi partivate - You were leaving
    Essi/Loro partivano - They were leaving

This is how to compose L’imperfetto. Now that you know this time, play attention during the episode so you can find how is used, also if you have any question or you find any question during a episode, put here on the comment and let’s take a look on it! As allways, fell free to create a phrase with this verb time, so you can exercise it :upside_down_face:

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