Imperfetto - To be (essere)

Hello there! Another good topic that will help you during your learning and will help us on other important knowledge that we are going to post here.

Let’s see how is the verb To be - verbo essere at the Imperfetto time.
In English is translated as the Past progressive or used to sentence.
Io ero
Tu eri
Lei/Lui era
Noi eravamo
Voi eravate
Essi/Loro erano

Now try to find one sentence that use il verbo essere all'Imperfetto during the view of one content our catalog and put it on the comments, could be a good way to share also your favorite shows with the others

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Ieri ero molto felice
Yesterday I was very happy :upside_down_face:

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Thank you, this is helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:
Example : da bambina ero bassa ( I was short as a child ) .