In der Küche / Cooking vocabulary!

What is it about cooking shows that makes them so addictive?? I don’t have an answer for that, but what I do have is some recommendations to practice your German in the kitchen and some vocabulary to get you started :fried_egg:

Flash Recipes, At Our Neighbours Table, Stereotyp Food Challenge, True Food, Eating Out. These are just some of my favorites, but if you browse the catalog you will find even more :wink:

And now, a bit of Wortschatz so you’re ready to go!

Nouns :plate_with_cutlery:
die Küche - kitchen
der Teller - plate
die Gabel - fork
das Messer - knife
der Löffel - spoon
der Topf - pot
der Herd - stove
der Backofen - oven
der Kühlschrank - refrigerator
die Gewürze - spices

Verbs :cook:t4:
abkühlen - to cool off
erwärmen - to heat
hinzufügen - to add
anbraten - to brown
schälen - to peel
kochen - to boil
rühren - to stir
schneiden - to cut
backen - to bake

What are some other words you came across watching cooking shows? And do you have any recommendations on what to watch? Let us know :arrow_down:

And if you suddenly feel like cooking, may I suggest the prezel’s recipe Bettina shared in the forum? :pretzel: :eyes:

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