In die Schule - in der Schule

Watching an episode of Draw Smart (episode 1) I noticed that sometimes they say “in der Schule” and other times “in die Schule”. Someone could explain me what is the difference and how to use it correctly?

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If the information about place answers the question “Wo?”, then you should use “in DER Schule”.

But if it’s information about the place you’re going to “Wohin?”, then “in DIE Schule” is the correct option.

Wo lernen die Kinder schreiben? :black_nib: Sie lernen in DER Schule.

Wohin geht Frau Becker jeden Morgen? :running_woman:t4: Sie geht in DIE Schule, sie arbeitet als Lehrerin.


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What Yan_yan said is definitely the right answer!
But just in case you are interested in a bit of grammatical info :nerd_face::
You can first check this topic for an explanation about cases in German → German Grammar: Cases and Declension

Basically, there are some prepositions that require certain cases (Eselsbrücke (mnemonic) for prepositions with Dativ - #6 by yan_yan is very helpful to remember some of them!). But there are prepositions that can be usedw with different prepositions depending on the meaning! :bulb:

“In” is one of those prepositions:

  • If what you’re talking about doesn’t include movement from one place to another, then you use Dativ. That’s why you say: “Sie lernen in DER Schule”. :black_nib:
  • If you are talking about something or something going somewhere, then you use Akkusativ. That’s why you say: “Sie geht in DIE Schule”. :running_woman:t4: