Inaccuracies and strange translations

I noticed that the Korean section of Lingopie is new. I’m wondering exactly how new it is. There are very strange inaccuracies by which I mean subtitles not matching what is actually being said. As well as random mistranslations.

For example, I was watching “Shell” and noticed that the Korean subtitles said:

정신적 고통을 지니고 계시는 수 많은 분들이 이번 연구를 통해 확실히 깨부수를 수있는 그런 예상을 공유하고 있습니다
Thousands of people with mental pain through this study, it can be clearly we share that expectation.

The questionable translation aside… I don’t believe 확실히 was said and 예상 was supposed to be 세상 for sure. I’m still only on my second year of learning Korean so I’m not very confident, but there has to be a problem here.

That’s just the main inaccuracy that stood out. There were obviously plenty more.

I want to know if this is a trend. I would also like to know if all of these translations and Korean subtitles are automatically generated. Is it because the Korean section is still fairly new? I noticed there were also some Spanish learners saying similar things (thanks to the automatic thread suggestion that came up while writing this).

I have been looking for a tool like this for a while but not to pull things in a negative way… it doesn’t seem to be worth it for studying. That’s why we’re here after all.

When it works however, it is fantastic!


I agree. I saw one in „it’s spring“

I have the same problem with the French content. I am an intermediate/advanced student. I wrote them to ask if bots were creating the subtitles if so were humans reviewing them. They said yes to both. At least one series was riddled with a variety of grammatical errors, missing content and translations in which the French word was repeated in the English text without translation. I even found mistakes in the written French! I pointed out to them that all of this was inexcusable in an educational setting. Subtitles are more accurate in Netflix and Amazon Prime, and they don’t claim to be educators.

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Thanks for sharing Pamela!

I had a feeling I’d get this sort of response. I know a couple ‘learn while watching’ websites (at least for Korean) that offer clear, accurate, human-made subtitles and translations. It was just convenient to have the flashcard feature on the same platform. What a shame


i agree i was just about to contact them and let them know their inaccuracies, but when i click to contact them, it doesn’t work. they seem to translate the sentence in the correct order, but when you click on individual words, if they arent in that correct order then they are wrong.

can you share the those learn while watching websites?

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Hi again, Jay,
Thank you very much for sharing this kind of issues, we are already dealing with those mistakes to make it better.
We are doing it manually following a correction map to do it, but once you or any of the users find it and share, we will take that at priority list to make it better.
Shell is one of my favorites, and I assure you that it will be done as soon as possible and I will let you know to check it again :grin:

Thank you again for all the feedbacks, we are here for you!

Jay, Shell is all set!

You can check it here and let me know what do you think now.
Once again thank you for the feedbacks! we are all here for you :grin:

Hey Cesar. It’s definitely a lot better. The subtitles and translations are understandable and coherent. That’s how all of the shows should be. Nice work

Have you guys thought of adding some sort of notice/mark/symbol in the title to let us know a video hasn’t been reviewed yet? Transparency is the best policy.

This site has the potential to be amazing. Even with the automatic (not so good) subs/translations it wouldn’t be so bad. I just think there has to be a notice telling those studying “Hey, this isn’t 100% accurate please keep that in mind” up front.

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Good call,

Our goal is to have all editted but we will see if there’s a way to mark and make it better on the way to that!
Good to hear that you are enjoying! Hope we can make it even better :grin:

Maybe you can add an option for users to report odd translations directly inside the video.


I just signed up today. I just watched Shell Because Cesar Wrote that it was reviewed and completed. It still needs a lot of work.


Hi, Jesseharsh

Sorry to hear that. There’s a new tool where you can report the subtitle that need review. It’s a flag on the right upper corner, so, if you think it need to me improoved please feel free to report and we will review and correct the ones that are weird or missplaced.
We keep working hard to make the best for you guys, so it’s really good to hear all the feedbacks to improve it. Feel free to contact and report any mistake.

Best regards,
César Tabosa

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I’ve also noticed that many of the flashcards I create have video clips that do not match the word - the clip plays the sentence before or after but misses the word of the flashcard. I don’t see a way to report this. Is this something that Lingopie is looking into fixing?

(I thought maybe I should provide a concrete example for testing purposes. One instance would be the word “무지” at 7:35 in Episode 1 of Pluto, Secret Detectives. For this flashcard, the audio clip plays the part before it, and never reaches the word 무지)


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Thank you for your feedback. I already checked and followed up a ticket for the support. It’s probably a Bug and will be fixed as soon as possible. I will let you know once they check and send me ther results.

César Tabosa