Incorrect video for season 2 of Des Racines & des Ailes (French)

Seems like its showing the video from season 1, so none the subtitles are correct (well, the subtitles is for another video after all).

For example Season 2 episode 1 seems to be Season 1 episode 2
S2 episodes 1-4 seems incorrect, but S2 episode 5 seems correct
(have not checked S3-S4 yet)

Please fix since this is a very interesting show!

Also the viewer also doesn’t seem to understand if you have finished a season or not, it always defaults to S1 when going back to browsing.
Another issue is that you can’t add words to your vocabulary list, nothing happens when you click on a word.


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I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the TV show and thank you for reporting the issue.
We will solve all problems asap :pray:


Same issue is in a couple of episodes of the “Friend of Lobbies”, episode 12 for instance,