Interesting Facts: Venezuela

Today I want to talk about some interesting facts about such a beautiful country; Venezuela.
It’s located in the north of the South America Continent, it borders West with Colombia, South with Brazil and East with Guyana, and North with the incredibly beautiful: Caribbean Sea.
Venezuela has such a great variety of regions. It has forest in the Amazons, plains, mountains in the Andes Mountain Range and desert in the Falcon State :desert:
As an awesome place it has “El Salto Ángel”, which it’d be the highest waterfall in the world . Another interesting fact is that there’s a phenomenon known as “Relámpago del Catacumbo” :zap:, in the region of the Lake of Maracaibo. This consists of lighting falling constantly from April to November, it can last upto 260 times a year and for 10 hours per night. Besides, this phenomenon can reach more than 90 discharges per minute.
As regards language:speaking_head:, Spanish is spoken in Venezuela. In great part of the country it’s used the “tú” form, except for: the Andean Region that uses the “usted” form; and the Marabina Region that uses the “vos” form.
P.S: Something really interesting about that last point mentioned before is that the “vos” form is used with the verb “tenéis”, instead of “vos tenés” (as it’s the case of Argentinian’s use).
And last but not least, Venezuela has a great variety as regards gastronomy :cook:. In the most important and outstanding dishes we find: “pabellón criollo”, “arepas”, “tequeños”, “hallacas” and “pan de jamón” (these two latter are part of the typical Christmas food throughout the whole country).

Did any of these facts catch your attention? And is there any interesting fact where you live? :thinking:


thanks for the facts!!
whats funny…prior to watching what i call food network en espanol…i never heard of the word gastronomy. lol