Intermediate Spanish Learner

Hello! I’m a science teacher. Many of my students are learning English, and I wanted to brush up on my Spanish to be able to communicate with them more effectively. I took a few years of Spanish in high school and college, but I’m out of practice. So far, I’m impressed with Lingopie. Other language learning software I tried felt too simple and built for absolute beginners.

I’m currently watching children’s shows since I primarily speak Spanish with children, but I’d love to get into something more interesting to me personally. Are there any shows you enjoy? Something you might watch for the content even if you weren’t currently learning a new language?

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Hi! I am currently loving Oswaldo, and I probably would watch it even if I wasn’t trying to learn Spanish. It’s really funny, and I find myself laughing during a lot of the episodes. It’s super goofy, but I am in a place in life where I need that! And in fact, I like it so much that it’s prevented me from really branching out to other shows on Lingopie that much. I am already getting sad for when I finish all the episodes.
Also, since you are a science teacher, you might like “Drawing Science.” I watched a few of those and enjoyed them.

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I watch just about everything on Lingopie and that includes the cartoons. Oswaldo, Kitty No Es Un Gato, Boj seem to be some of the most popular. Those were my first and they are great. A couple of my favorite cartoons are Jamie’s got Tentacles and Pumpkin Reports, but I really love Julian’s World (La Comarca De Julián). The animation style, strong Argentinian accent and the music. A couple that I can think of that would be science related are Tour Around the Universe (Vuelta Por El Universo) and Zapata Science (Ciencia Zapata).

I have several recommendations for longer shows/series, That I really had to binge through. My tastes are more towards the action series, Mystery/detective and recently the dramas based on history. A lot of stuff I fell in love with and wouldn’t have considered before Lingopie/spanish learning. One of which I finished recently was Laura, Una vida Extraordinaria. The story of Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena (Santa Laura Montoya), such a hard life and a really incredible story. Not a show I would normally pick, but it was well worth watching. Her autobiography might be one of my next books.

Let me know your interests and I will share the ones I personally think are really good.



If you like funny shows, I really enjoyed Olmos y Robles. If you like mysteries, try Los misterios de Laura or Victor Ros or El Caso, if you like period pieces, try Isabel or Continental. If you like telenovelas, try the La señora

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