International Workers Day

International Workers´ Day

The International Workers´Day is also known as Labor Day or May Day.

On May 1st 1886 there were strikes by the working class that demanded a 8-hour working day in the United States that resulted in the Haymarket Riots 4 days later in Chicago. It escalated when a bomb was thrown that killed 7 police officers and 4 workers.

In memory of the victims of the Haymarket Riot, May 1st was proclaimed the “Day of the Labor Movement.” in 1889.

1890 this day of protest and remembrance was celebrated for the first time with mass strikes and mass demonstrations all over the world.

Like in many other countries Labor Day is a national bank holiday in Germany.

Since the 1980s, in addition to the politically organized demonstrations, there have been regular riots in Germany especially in connection with the May Day demonstration in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

I personally have witnessed the riots in Berlin and have taken part an amazing Labor Day celebrations in Finland where people of all ages get together in the parks for picnics.

How is the Workers´Day celerated where you are from? :construction_worker_man:t2: :woman_factory_worker:t2: :teacher:t2: :woman_office_worker:t2: :man_firefighter:t2: :man_police_officer:t2: :woman_farmer:t2: :cook:t2:


Hi! Here I post a link with hymns of workers of a lot of nacionalities.