Is content missing?

I recently joined and browsed through some of the content, of which the site generically says about having thousands of hours of Japanese content. Am I too new or something because I can only access a few episodes of shows, such as 2 episodes of Captain Cook’s Banquet and only 1 episode of Taro’s Candy House despite being prompted to continue watching with links that do not work. Other ones such as Welcome to Tokyo have pages with no episodes. At Mercy of the Rain and Ooku: The Inner Chamber are yet more examples and that is not even a complete listing. When I first joined, I thought Suit Travel had episodes, but these are gone now.

I am still on free trial right now, but I am confused as to what is happening. Can someone help?

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Hello Christopher

Than you for your comment. We are still gradually launching new episodes of all the available dramas. Recently we’ve finished Three Dads and now we are working with Swimming in the Dark. Soon we will launch new episodes of Captain Cooks Banquet and Taro’s Candy House. Ooku the Inner Chamber should be on the “Coming Soon” category. We are still going to launch i. I’ll check for “At the Mercy of the rain”. Suit Travel it’s still with no episodes edited. I’ll put it off from the catalog for the moment

Nevertheless you still have other animes, short films and dramas that already have some episodes to enjoy


Ah. Thanks. I did not know how new the Japanese content was. Not sure how tough it is to get content, but I hope there is more to come.

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