Italian culture and festivities

Long post alert, but absolutely worth it :blush:
Did you know that Italy is made up by 20 different regions?
Each region has its own traditions and sometimes they have some interesting mixes and hints of other countries’ culture. For example, the regions up north tend to have some traditions that may recall something of the German culture (due to the Austro-Hungarian domination), the more you go to the south and the more you will notice a Spanish and French influence (the south was contended for many years between Spain and France, because of its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea, which was, at that time, very important in terms of trade on a European scale).
Although we have some customs we all share and follow some of the regions has their own particular ones that can’t be found anywhere else.
Let me tell you my favorite ones!

  1. The region of Veneto celebrates Santa Lucia on the 13th of December, where kids also receive lots and lots of gifts and chocolates! They basically have a double Santa :slight_smile:

  2. Mid June, in the city of San Daniele (Friuli) they celebrate the prosciutto San Daniele. There is usually a big fair all over the city and you can taste different types of prosciutto’s and specialties! :yum:

  3. In December, in Basilicata and more specifically in the beautiful city of Matera, locals like to celebrate the approaching of Christmas by recreating living nativity scenes.
    This because the stony city is said to resemble the ancient lands of Jerusalem and Palestine.

  4. Umbria celebrates the “Infiorate di Spello”. On the night of ninth Sunday after Easter, more than 1,000 people of the town of Spello work nonstop to decorate and create carpets made of flowers all over across the small streets of Spello.
    This is how it looks like, how pretty is that???

How about you guys, what are the festivities from your country you like the most? :slight_smile:


We have some traditions involving flowers as well in Portugal!


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