Italian sayings

Hi everyone! When learning a new language, I always love learning also ways of saying, so here are some in Italian!

Gettare alle ortiche :arrow_right: Toss (throw) to the poison ivy - an Italian idiom meaning to throw away badly an opportunity or chance, to waste (time, money, etc.), to abandon something, to get rid of something you no longer intend to use.

For example:
È sempre brutto buttare alle ortiche un’amicizia ma non ho via d’uscita.
It is always bad to throw away a friendship but I have no way out.

The other phrases with similar meaning:
Gettare al vento = throw in the wind
Gettare all’aria = throw in the air
Buttare via = throw away.

Are there any sayings you like in Italian, that you know about? :slight_smile:

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