Italian words that have more than one meaning!

Hey guys, here are some useful words with multiple meanings that will come handy to know when you are talking Italian :slight_smile:

  1. Pauroso
    :arrow_right: something scary. "Questo film è pauroso. : This movie is scary"
    :arrow_right: a person who is scared. "Giorgio è una persona paurosa. : Giorgio is a fearful person / Giorgio is a scary person.

  2. Piano
    :arrow_right: slowly. "Vai piano! : Go slow!"
    :arrow_right: floor. "Abito al quinto piano. : I live on the fifth floor."

  3. Cacciare
    :arrow_right: to kick someone out. “L’ho cacciato di casa. : I kicked him out of the house
    :arrow_right: to hunt. “Mi piace cacciare i cervi. I like to hunt deer

  4. Tirare
    :arrow_right: to throw. “Ho tirato la palla. : I threw the ball
    :arrow_right: to pull. “Tira la porta. : Pull the door

  5. Ospite
    :arrow_right: to be a guest. “Chelsey è mia ospite. : Chelsey is my guest.
    :arrow_right: to host someone. “Ospiti degli studenti che vengono dall’Australia. : I am hosting Australian students.

  6. Corretto
    :arrow_right: to be correct. "La tua affermazione è corretta. : Your statement is correct.
    :arrow_right: to correct. “Ho corretto l’esercizio. : I corrected the exercise.

What about you guys, do you know some more words that have more than one meaning? :slight_smile:


Some other words that I also know are:


  1. Rose, the flower.
  2. Pink, the color.


  1. Tongue
  2. Language


  1. I pray.
  2. You are welcome


  1. Twenty
  2. Winds


  1. Rice
  2. Laughter “Ho riso così tant” - “I laughed so much”

I remember two that are similar but not the same: Casino and Casino
The first is the place where you play hazard games and the other is an adjective for something confused or a mess in a room. This show how the pronunciation/writing can change all the meaning of a phrase.

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