Japanese honorifcs

Hello dear japanese learners
にほんご がくしゅうしゃ の みなさん、どうも
Nihongo gakushusha no minasan, doumo

Did you know that in Japan we normally add an honorific suffix after the name of an individual? This honorific suffix will change according to the relationship you have with the person you are talking to. They are very important in a society like the Japanese, which values respect for hierarchy.

We have honorific suffixes like -san, -sama -kun or -chan

-san is the most neutral, used formally and informally

-sama is used with people of higher status ( guest or costumers, for example)

-kun is normally used for younger boys and male people with whom you have some intimacy

-chan used for girls, small children, close friends or lovers

There are some more to know. The anime fans might hear this suffixes being used all the time.
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Wow! I didn’t knew this! I think it definitely says a lot about the Japanese culture. Awesome!